We accept a ship as an aquatic animal, with a sense of belonging before a long walk. Me, myself and I. I´m a self-help manual. Say goodbye to the present. We are the plural form of courtesy, yet the most important voice of movement.



Acostúmbrate takes place in a limited space with four different characters. This work is about the uncertainty of knowing that the enemy is not within sight. This is why the conflict is with the environment and not with the individual. The casual violence, communicating in the same code, believing that time heals everything, the coexistence with the imperative necessity of being educated and polite at the same time.


Work by Alba Lorca

Interpreter: Maria Mallan, Arantza Iglesias, Alejandra Agudo y Carlos Martín.

Photo: Anndrea Castro Iglésias

Music: Do Make Say Think

Premiere:  Dantza Kalean Festival. Zumaia, Pais Vasco (2011)

Length: 50 minutes

Scenography: 36m artificial grassl, table, four chair and meatsafe.