Immersed in a pleasant difference with the injection of flavour. Two plants are sharing an orchard, with pesticides as a common denominator of their affections.


Work by Alba Lorca

Interpreter: Alejandra Agudo y Carlos Martín

Photo: Anndrea Castro Iglesias

Length: 14 min aprox

Premiere: Certamen Unidanza (CarlosIII University) 2010

Music: God speed you black emperor

Scenography: three pots, glasses, two scissor plants, gloves, water spray dispenser.



“ Is admirable how Lorca makes possible that the interpreter´s bodies project different atmospheres that seems to trascend the limits of the theatre, even of our imagination. This work shows Lorca´s capacity to play with cultural refenents and combine them in a brilliant choreographic product in wich the dance is still de protagonist.”

Dance Europa Magazine (2011)