Embody the void is a consideration about how human beings are thrown into this world without determination, but with the obligation of building a way for oneself and with the incapability to assume the reality they are ruled by. We go back to the old idea of the super-hero, that myth which seems can save us from something. Our super-hero is here to tell us that there is no Supreme being other than that being that risks to understand that freedom has much more to do with knowledge and learning.

“ I´ve reached this point walking. I feel the heaviness in my legs, the tiredness in my eyes, the tightness in my skin. But now I understand, now I know. The labyrinth of my steps has led me exactly to this point. Each of my footsteps has a meaning, created to carry me to this point. Each impression of each toe, each mark of every heel. A trail in the sand made through time bringing me exactly to this place ”

Embody the void is a Berlin/Dublin co-production and is supported by Dance Ireland, Fringe Lab, Rua Red_South Dublin Art Center, Culture Ireland (Ireland), Grupo Oito and Schokofabrik (Berlin).

Creation by Alba Lorca
Interpreters: Marion Cronin and Alba Lorca
Text: Ana Barcia
Playwrigth: Cristina Nuñez
Photography: Zé de Paiva, Miro Wallner and Alba Lorca
Camera: Kathleen Kunath y Miro Wallner
Lenght: 45´



Samuel Becket Theater_Dublin Fringe Festival (Dublin 2015)

Theaterszene Europa Festival (Cologne 2016)