REVERSO (Las alas son para volar)

It’s easier to know what happens on the other side of the world than to know what happens on the other side of the table. Doing the impossible with two people, blowing milk foam, desecrating and spreading their desire.


Reverso is a study about people distancing themselves from others, away from facts and what the people decide to do with the facts. We reflect the permanent tension between the desire to be moral and all that keeps you away from being it.


Who we are: Maria Mallan and Alba Lorca in colaboration with Danza Carmen Senra.

Premiere:  “GraciasXfavor”, Cicle of young creators, Sala Pradillo. Madrid (2011)

Music: 65daysofstatic + video Colateral Murder

Scenografy: One table, two chairs, two wooden boxes, two lights, two glasses, two spoons, one dish, milk, coffee and sugar.