Wilderness was first presented as a 15 minute solo dance, accompanied by the original music of Ross Kelly, at Echo Echo Dance & Movement Festival, Derry_North of ireland in November 2014. From this, Lorca and Kelly took up a two week residency at Dance House Ireland, the result of which, New Movements, was displayed there in February 2015. They now enter a third stage in developing the project, the outcome of which have been revealed on Temple Bar Gallery on the 23rd of March 2016, taking part at “Performance Night Series” curated by Roisín Bohan.

Originally, Wilderness was presented as an abstract environment that spoke of loneliness as an unexplored space. Lorca took inspiration from images of childhood to personally reflect on the meaning of loneliness in its emotional and rational aspect. Since the beginning, the piece has evolved to encompass a broader view of loneliness and it continues to do so. Through its development, issues like the wild, freedom, ecology and wasteland have been added to this personal journey. Wilderness is a dance/performance/gig/live-installation where audiences and performers will share the same space.

Direction choreography and interpretation: Alba Lorca
Original music: Ross Kelly
Length: 30´

In this project have collaborated somehow Samantha McGahon, Ana Barcia, Arantza Iglesias, Cristina Nuñez, Fergus Byrne.

Supported by Fringe Lab, Dance Ireland, Dublin City Council


Performance Nights Series @ Temple Bar Gallery + Studios. Curated by Roísín Bohan (Dublin)

New Movements. Dance Ireland (Dublin)

Echo Echo Dance and movement Festival (Dublin)